10 Best Amazon Products for Urban Farmers, Homesteaders, and Gardeners

10 Best Amazon Products for Urban Farmers, Homesteaders, and Gardeners

Here at Braga Farms, we serve farmers' markets year-round. Focusing on urban homesteading, we grow 45 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Doing so is not an easy task; however, it has become far more manageable with the help of several tools.


We have several tools ordered from Amazon that we believe are essential to our everyday operations. Listed below are some of our favorites. Read on below to find out more.


Getting to Market

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit

When at the farmers market, you may need a shelf to place a few of your products on. This storage unit from Amazon has 5 shelves, each of which can hold up to 300 pounds. Aside from your products, this shelving unit is also ideal for storing cleaning supplies, tools, and more.  Lastly, you can easily assemble this shelf without any additional tools.






Eurmax USA Canopy Commercial Tent

This commercial tent is ideal for use at the farmers' market. Measuring 10 ft. X 10 ft., it has a durable steel frame and is rust-resistant. This type of canopy tent is also ideal for everyday use, as you can easily set it up and take it down singlehandedly within a couple of minutes.


Farming and Gardening

Truper 32400 Tru Pro 36-Inch Aluminum Landscape Rake

This is a high-quality landscape rake with a premium aluminum handle. The use of aluminum in this product ensures that the rake is sturdy yet lightweight. It’s commonly used by landscape professionals for leveling grades.


If you're on the fence about which rake to get, know that Truper has been in the hand tool manufacturing business for over four decades. With that kind of experience, you can be sure that their products are top-tier.


EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder Row Planter

This planter will help you achieve straight rows, accurate seed depth, and consistent plant spacing. You can control the seed depth and spacing for up to 38 different kinds of seeds. This is a fantastic tool for those who plant food plots and have medium-sized gardens.


Pest Control

VIVO Stainless Steel Bee Hive Smoker

This product produces safe and cool smoke that calms bees down, thus protecting you from stings during hive maintenance. This smoker comes with a built-in heat shield that surrounds the smoker and prevents you from getting burned.


COOY Slingshot

This slingshot is easy to use and handle. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes the grip handle more comfortable. What’s more, this slingshot has the power of six rubber bands, enabling you to get rid of pests and critters that may be bothering you on your farm.



ZOSI 2K Wireless Security Camera System

What stops most people from installing a security camera system is the idea that it’s a hassle to set up. ZOSI’s security system is wireless and easy to get up and running. You simply need to mount the cameras and plug the adapters. This security system captures high-quality video in almost any situation.


Samsung EVO Select Memory Card

Along with your wireless security camera system, you’ll need a memory card to store the security camera footage, among other things. This memory card comes with ultra-fast read and write speeds, reaching up to 100MB/s.



A Revolution Down on the Farm: The Transformation of American Agriculture Since 1929

This book illustrates the massive changes in farming that occurred during the author's lifetime. His personal experiences coupled with statistical data help tell the story of America's agricultural transformation throughout the years.

Aquaponics: From Beginner to Expert – Hydroponics & Aquaponics Double Book Bundle

This book bundle has everything you need to know about aquaponics and hydroponics. Perfect for beginners, the book provides a specific blueprint for building your aquaponics or hydroponics system from scratch.


Final Thoughts

We hope you’ll benefit from these items listed above from our Amazon collection. For the full list of items from our Amazon collection, check out our website.