Grow Your Greens - Tour & Interview 2018 - Over 170K Views

John from takes you to Irving, Texas to share with you Braga Farm, an urban garden turned into an urban farm that makes $500 a week on less a little over three-quarters of an acre of land. John will take you on a tour of the farm, showing you many of the different growing areas, and how they are able to grow vegetables under the shade of trees.

  • You will discover an eco-friendly and affordable substitute to shade cloth you can compost when it has worn out.
  • You will learn how you can create your own compost, and find many free and local resources for starting your farm and building your soil.
  • You will learn the importance of native plants and flowers on your farm and why you should have an area with natives in your garden.
  • You will discover how to prevent weeds from taking over your farm and building your soil fertility at the same time by using a free local resource of wood chips.
  • John will also share many tips with you along the way about starting your own farm or increasing the business of your current farm. You will learn about the importance of compost on a farm and how to source free materials for composting.
  • Finally, John will interview Jefferson Braga, the farmer and ask him the following questions:
    • 35:15 Why did you decide to start this farm 6 months ago?
    • 37:12 How did working at Microsoft help you become a better farmer?
    • 41:04 How much are you making a week from your farm after 6 months?
    • 44:18 What has been the biggest challenge for you growing food?
    • 48:06 What is the importance of your family on your farm?
    • 51:54 What advice would you give to people wanting to start a farm?
    • 59:15 How can someone learn more about your farm?

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