Redefining Local

Combining the best of agriculture and technology, is what makes all this possible. Therefore we're always pushing at the limits of quality and innovation when it comes to market gardens and urban homesteading.

We constantly ask ourselves, is there something we can improve. . .and 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes!

Jefferson is passionate about using his tech/program management background to make life on the farm easier, more fun, and more sustainable for others who wish to live a similar lifestyle. Every season brings new challenges and in order to keep up and grow more it requires that we keep pushing our limits.

  • Bio-Plastics - Through World Centric and other green vendors, most of our products are free of petro-plastics; either contained in reusable glass jars or bio-degradable/corn based plastics that quickly decompose in landfills.
  • Cashless & Self-Checkout - We strive to better service our customers and friends. QR codes at the market table allows you to learn more about the produce on the table and check out at
  • Cryptocurrency - The ledger technology that is blockchain is something we've believed in since 2010. While we stepped away for many years and missed the last couple year's hype, we're now advancing our options and accepting all cryptos.

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