Some Soul - Tarbiya Series

2. Tarbiya Series - A Refining Experience


My experience. My tarbiya. This playlist is the best and a few of what really spoke to me and I believe can help others or a friend who are also looking for a good listen and series to help set them to a better state and understanding.

I recommend reading through completely for a complete understanding. I won't dialogue on a particular series' or any of its critic unless you've bothered to listen to at least that series' entirety. 

I also recommend you watch it in its entirety if you care enough to and just leave me alone unless you're looking to grow your own food and community.

May God Bless you and us all on our journey ahead.


Also, stop wasting hours a week getting stuck on ads + + + all the distraction is removed. It's an entirely different experience.
3 months free to start.
Your welcome. : )

Tarbiya is an Arabic word that linguistically means: increase, nurture, rear, growth, or loftiness. Tarbiyah means the development and the training of people in various aspects.

My journey reset a few months ago and I took a long awaited and delayed trip to the mountains with myself. Sand Dunes of Colorado and highest Peek I could find for 3 days with my boy and pup. My heart was satisfied, everything was aligned, it's highly recommended, and perhaps I'll share its story someday; but for now you can enjoy what I've benefited from since.

I'm a big believer in cycles. Read the AUDIENCE below and there you should start.

Wherever you start, I welcome you to cycle through the entire series. I'll be cycling through it again as I ready myself for another blessed but tumultuous year. Gardening & Prepping playlist to come.
I welcome and thank you for joining me.

Tarbiya 1 - An Islamic Perspective

Audience - A Seeking Muslim

Tarbiya 2 - Stir It Up

Audience - Open Minded

Tarbiya 3 - Move Yourself

Audience - Those looking to control the chaos

Tarbiya 4 - Let's Wake Up

 Audience - Who want to do more


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