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SumaGrow Your Own Food!

We are proud partners of SumaGrow. The premier OMRI Organic Certified biofertilizer (Think Microbial vs NPK; Biology vs Chemical) to successfully and reliably increase yields, soil health, and provide an incredible alternative to chemical based fertilizers.

- 30% - 300% increase in yield per acre (check out the incredible case studies).
- 10% - 50% less fertilizer required
- Increased BRIX levels
- Increase drought tolerance
- Simple ratio of 1 gallon per acre

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Our mission is to Redefine Local.
Through our growing and our sharing we hope you will find everything you need to get growing and never stop.

For over 5 years we've shared our farm through virtual tours, workshops and fresh produce shopping, our literature, our collections of seeds and tools, and much much more.

Check out our Growleaf a handy navigational tool guiding you through everything we have to offer.

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THE MISSION - Our Cities Need More Fresh Food!

30% of us need to get involved with our food or at least it's systems.
Buy seeds at a minimum and stock up on sustainable skills, tools, and materials while you still can.
Share and care.
We wish to share our way there.
While most of us dream to buy a piece of land in the country side where we can finally have the farm of our dreams; we didn't (and still don't) believe in waiting to start learning and building the skills, communities, and networks that would make such a venture successful in the first place. We are not gauranteed tomorrow and we certainly have a lot to contribute and gain in reviving a local agricultural scene that hasn't been seen here in the USA since the 1950s.

Don't wait until "the right time".

Start your journey back to the land right where you are!

It's step by step and never too late.
So let's get started!

Let's Redefine Local
  • Phase 1 - Grow More

    Phase 1 - Grow More

    Victory Gardens used to supply American Households with 40% of their daily produce. We, together, can all start growing healthier and better food to eat, preserve, and share.

  • Phase 2 - Sustain Ourselves

    Educate and work hand in hand with who ever wants to help their community become more sustainable.

    1) Ask our city officials to set assign a part of the Recreation Budget for food forest and community garden projects at parks and residential neighborhoods ready to organize and contribute.

    2) Work with churches, mosques, and temples to compete in the good of planting and providing food for our fellow man.

  • Phases 3 - Enter Eden

    Phases 3 - Enter Eden

    More news to come.

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  • Pesto - Small

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    Braga Farms PestoBraga Farms  Pesto
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    Fermented JalapenoFermented Radishes
  • Pesto - Large

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    Braga Farms PestoBraga Farms Pesto
  • Fermented Jars - Large

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    Fermented Cayanne and Thai ChiliFermented Jalepeno
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