About Us

Our urban farm is nestled in the heart of DFW and serves farmers markets all seasons of the year. On less than 1 cultivated acre, we have made our urban homesteading dreams come true; growing over 45 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the most natural and wholesome way possible.


  • Pests - only organic pest control methods (primarily using lady bugs and other beneficial insects).
  • Weeds - only natural weed control techniques such as mulching, tarping, flaming, and physical tillage/removal.
  • Soil - only organic soil amendments such as compost, mulching, and fertilizers.
  • Seeds - only heirloom or organic seeds used. Mostly purchased through Everwilde Farms Inc.
  • Local Support
    - Mulch - Baker Tree Services, Irving.
    - Feed & Supplies - Grand Prairie Feed Store, Grand Prairie.
    - Craigslist Dallas Free Section : )



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