Volunteers - WWOOF With Us!

What is WWOOF?

WWOOF is a worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practices.

Visitors, or 'WWOOFers', share in daily life with their host and learn about organic agriculture, while spending about half of each day helping out on a farm.

What farm in Texas should I WWOOF at?

Check out our WWOOF profile and make a request to join us at wwoofusa.org. Full address to Braga Farms is:


Braga Farms provides a unique opportunity to learn about the different aspects of urban agriculture. Our main property is on its third season of growing. A new adjacent property is currently being converted from Lawn to Farm. We are also part of a strong community where neighbor's plots are also farmed. Opportunities to learn Lawn to Farm, Get To Market, Infrastructure, Sales and Farmers Market, as well as how to create Value Added Products. Our family driven homestead style urban farm, taking the best aspects of market gardens and permaculture to grow high quality organic fruits and vegetables for local farmers markets. We are looking for a WWOOFers with strong work ethic and a varacious appetite to learn. Beyond infrastructure projects we also have operational tasks related to harvesting, prepping, and selling at the local farmers market. Ideal if person has a passion for gardening and the outdoors, a can-do and always learning mindset. Personal Attributes • A nice and pleasant attitude is a must. :) • Demonstrate ability to complete tasks diligently alone and with others. • Provide prompt feedback of your activities and the outcome of tasks allocated to you. • Display problem solving and a can-do attitude towards challenges. The weeks focus is divided as follows: - Monday - Wednesday - Infrastructure projects, organizing and maintenance of property, bed development, weeding, and planting. - Thursday - Friday - Market Prep, harvesting, cleaning, packaging. - Saturday - Sunday - Market Days, logistics, setting up, selling, closing down - Sundays - Infrastructure and bed prep projects. Setting up for the rest of the week Look forward to learning together! Check us out at: www.facebook.com/BragaFarmsDFW Certifications: No chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers used. Internet access available


VOLUNTEER HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday - Sunrise to Noon and Dusk (-2hrs~) are the main available windows.

Follow us on Facebook for events and projects that might interest you. Much more to come!

Please review the BRAGA FARMS LLC FARM LIABILITY WAIVER private message us to confirm you'd like to join. 


VENKATARATHNAM  - United States • February 2022

Braga Farms really take time to implement organic farming principles within the City of Irving, TX with lot of effort and consciousness. Very humble, respectful, family oriented folks. Both Jeff and Jill show passionate towards what they do. Both allow me to work effectively along with my full time job by being flexible and supportive. Made me think I was very successful as a first time WWOOFer. Provided better shelter to stay and food. They were very keen to take and discuss things to refine the existing process based on the need. Mainly I was participating in weeding, Cleaning the Barn, setting up the stall in DT Farmers' Market during week end, Cleaned veggies and packed them. Add and remove the plastic sheets over the veggie patches. Overall Great experience.

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