$60 In free crypto for your greens!

Elon and the Tesla team aren't the only ones accepting crypto in Texas!

We're very excited to be the first farm in Texas to accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for produce and all food goods. Click here for a list of our wallets and other projects.

Follow the instructions below to earn over $60 in free crypto that you can use for your weekly groceries at the Dallas Farmers Market and Saint Michaels Farmers Market. More vendors joining soon too!

1) Download Coinbase. Bonus $10 available in Bitcoin for you and me when you use our link to sign up:



2) Watch the videos for the following coins Stellar($10), Compound($9), and Celo($6). And more.


3) Convert all your new coins to Stellar Lumens XLM and send it to us during your next visit. For a convenient list of other coins and wallets you can visit our wallets page here.

Benefits of learning and trying.

1) Guaranteed to learn more about blockchains, cornerstone to tomorrow's internet 2.0.

2) Create a wallet to actually trade with peers (download sister app CoinBase Wallet for the equivalent of a super private and free bank account).

3) Eat healthy and support local! We always accept additional support as we push on one project after another.

Find us on CoinBase also @bragafarmsdfw Share this with your friends and see you all next week at the Dallas Farmers Market!

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