Braga Farms - Family Road Trip 2022 - 3 Day Sprint Trip to Probe for the Best in South Colorado

Braga Farms - Family Road Trip 2022 - 3 Day Sprint Trip to Probe for the Best in South Colorado

**Terbia Story & Shared with Community - August 30th, 2021**

Salam Alyakum brothers and sisters,
A couple of weeks ago, I went to S. Colorado on a mission with my 6 year old and pup. My mission was terbia. 4 days of reflection, orientation, and goal setting. . .on the present and life ahead. Trying to shake off the dust of the previous 2 years and set on a new page.
While I was praying for months on it. . .an inspiration came to me deep into the morning night that I should just go; seek a mountain or an ocean and reconnect with God as deeply and as much as I possibly could. And so the next day, I did just that I shaved my head said good bye to the family and left for a few days.
I found what I needed and more, alhamdulillah.

And encourage anyone who might be a similar impasse to go out and seek Allah as well. Take on new sunnahs of our beloved Prophet s.a.w more deeply and truly decide on some next steps. Isolation with yourself can do wonders sometimes if done in a constructive way. subhanAllah.

I'm open to sharing my adventure on another post if folks care to hear it, however I wanted to keep this brief and inshAllah of benefit to many who might be in my situation. Both brother and sisters, however, I relate here more to the brothers. We all get stuck and we all need a little adventure every once in a while to reignite the sparks in our soul. Not everyone is able to do it with their current responsibility loads.
Pikes Peek looking out to the Colorado Springs
Braga Men Up on Pikes Peek
The Great Sand Dunes
Sledding down the Great Sand Dunes

I came away with three takeaways.

1) Help other grow more food and live more naturally. Literally.
I've built an urban farm here in Irving for the past 5 years. Dozens of those around us have multiplied their gardens and two have gone full time. So now we're working to push our networks, cities, and community to grow all around them. Shk. Omar Abdullah, Shk. H. Yusuf's colleague also concluded we should be building communal food forests to help weather the storms ahead.
2) Communal Fajr. We need to get our men back in the masjid. And while many of us could start with Isha and Magrib, a standard needs to be revived. A standard that keeps pushing us to connect and "build back better" the local jummat. : ) Some muslim countries are 30-40% unemployeed. . .if only an amir would rise and help the his subjects rise for the day. So why not start with ourselves?
3) A trip to find ourselves once in a while is necessary. As alone as possible. . . To seek His closeness.

Below is a playlist that I built from much of what I was able to listen to while on the S. Colorado road. inshAllah it benefits some and I look forward to any discussion or connections that may follow. Also, welcoming and hoping we could have some others share similar journey stories in our groups, circles, that might be of benefit to others as we relate and know we're not alone. Kheir.
Salam Alaykum,

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