Braga Farms - Projects 2021

Our first five years were spent primarily learning how to grow, build, and bring to market as much as we could from our one acre. Today we're learning to better combine the best of technology to help gardeners around us grow more and small farmers like ours become more efficient.

The next five years, we're dedicated to helping other become growers, feed their families, and make a living through sustainable urban farming practices.

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Some of our projects for 2021 and 2022 are listed below:

Technology Projects

- Gardeners of Eden - Our app will help gardeners map their garden and know what is growing and when better than ever before.

- Robotic Salad Picker - Conveyor belt to pick through the salad greens and ensure only the best gets on your plate.

- Rover - Bug and weed control.


Sustainability Projects

- Customer Self-Checkout - QR Codes allow customers to see products, recipes, reviews, and even checkout. Show us you've paid and off you go!

- Automated Wash and Spin-dry Stations - coming soon.

- Commercial Kitchen - Cottage laws only let you go so far. We're needing to either build or go off-premise soon.

- Pond - Due to all the work we've done on our soil; the surrounding property is above the foundation of our home. We will be running multiple french drains to a catch-all pond towards the back of the property.

- Adobe Eco-Patio - Our outdoor living space has been neglected for far too long.

- More -

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