BRAGA FRIENDS - Our Friends, Markets, and Recreational Activities

The friends, markets, and activities shared below have all helped shape who we are today and have contributed immensely to the success of other local growers. They're still a big part of the journey forward, and we'd like to share that with you too. Tell them Braga Farms sent you, and they'll be sure to take good care of you!

We have purposefully kept this page simple and without photos for easy reference. For a deep dive into each Friend be sure to visit our Blog or subscribe to our Growletter for upcoming reviews.

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Our Mission
is to foster a community of local growers and enthusiasts who share a passion for sustainable agriculture and a healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision is to nurture a thriving community of friends and farmers who together build a healthier, greener future.


Our Community of Growers

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  • Stories: Read inspiring stories of friendship, collaboration, and success in the local farming scene.
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      SumaGrow International

      SumaGrow International - SumaGrow's Google My Business

      With 20%, 51% 130%, and even up to 316% increase in crop yield. Their organic innovations enhance crop vitality and yield, merging tradition with cutting-edge science. SumaGrow's commitment to environmentally friendly farming practices positions them at the forefront of the agricultural industry, nurturing the planet one farm at a time.
      #SustainableFarming #SumaGrowInternational #OrganicAgriculture


      Dallas - Rubail's Plants of Texas - Rubail's Google My Business - Mike and Mark Ruibal are a legendary father and son team that have grown to over 4 locations throughout DFW. Their selections when accompanied with the Dallas Skyline are also legendary.

      Irving - Chambers Nursery - Chambers Google My Business - An old school nursery nestled in the heart of DFW, and a few stone's throw from our farm. Alan and Mike the owners here and they've been excellent guides in what is and isn't organic among their transplants and amendments. They've also got a very nice virtual tour that we helped them set up a couple years back.

      Irving - Doan's Nursery - Doan's Google My Business -  Located another stone's throw past Chambers Nursery is one of the biggest nursery's in the area for fruit and Asian selections of vegetabls, flowers, and trees. It's a pleasurable (and long) walk through as there are many sections to this nursery. The staff are friendly, but sometimes a little English barrier is there, and the improvements, expansions, and signs have all been amazing to watch throughout the years. You will see their parking lots overflowing during peek season, and for good reason.

      Nutrition & Health - Niki Claybrook and her family are old time customers of mine at the Dallas Farmers Market and eating good is more than just eating better. Niki provides holistic nutrition counseling and meal plans based on the seasonal local options that are available. Enter coupon code - bragafarms when you checkout with them!

      Mushroom St. - Mushroom St. Google My Business - Warren and Andrea are a power team that have built a mushroom farm in the back of their web dev / creative design company, Ecropolis. They're here with us at the Dallas Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday and we highly recommend you check them out. Their selection of gourmet mushrooms and the swag that comes with it is incredible.

      Ranchers & Homestead Services

      Gabriel Ranch Premium Beef - Best tasting beef this side of the West! Grass fed and pampered out in the fields for most of their life. Garret is the grandson, and third generation, who has brought these cows from the peek breeding program that Gabriel Ranch is known for to the premium beef market here in DFW. Their new store out in Canton, Texas is also a gem to visit if your out that way. We also highly recommend you visit during the first weekend of the month, for the largest outdoor flea market in the world; which is Canton First Mondays Trader Day.

      RH Fine Gardens - Ruben Hernandez is our neighbor who incredibly has little to no social and google presence as he operates seven landscaping and maintence teams throughout North Dallas and Irving area. He's managed to grow one of the best teams for landscaping through word of mouth alone and is my go-to team for Edible Gardens that require more muscle. RH can be reached at 214-476-4773.

      Skyline Countertops - Skyline Countertops Google My Business - Saif Saeed is the Founder of Skyline Countertops and a close friend with a passion for beautiful stone. His Google Reviews speaks volumes of how he makes sure the job gets done right and his best work, in my opinion, is in book-matching slabs so that they have a custom design with the veins matching across your countertops, walls and fireplaces. Check this one out on Skyline's Instagram. And give Saif a call at 214-400-9222. 

      Star Moon Developers - My friend Rafi Ahmed, specializes in transforming raw land into ready-to-use properties, providing comprehensive services in land clearing, utility layout, and barn construction to enable efficient development outside city limits. We are working together on a 300 acre in Rockwall, TX and his expertise and commitment to sustainability is second to none. Call him at 347-668-4910 and let him help you envision the land of your dreams.



      Auto & Mechanics


      Irving - RPM Mini Google My Business - Is owned by Mohamed and is without a doubt the most helpful and honest mechanic that you will ever meet. Whether you're in need of expert assistance on a budget or looking for German/Mini parts, this is the shop you need to visit. Their ebay store, with 99% Positive Feedback on over 17,000 items sold also speaks volumes about their business.

      Irving - Metroplex Wheels & Tires - Metroplex Wheels & Tires Google My Business -is owned by three brothers that are really passionate about cars and fun motors. You'll see some boats and offload vehicles regularly on their lot. Their catalog and selections are quite impressive, so do check them out.


      Irving - Furniture Lobby - Furniture Lobby Google My Business - is the sister store next door to Metroplex Wheels where you can find the latest living room sets and home decor. Along with stacks and stacks of cardboard for your home garden. It is our go-to for both and we highly recommend you say hello and stop by! 

      Web & IT Services

      Phone Repair - All Cellular & Computers Google My Business - Mohammed provides the best price and services. He's honest every time and I've personally witnessed him help many friends who needed to get connected.

      TV Repair - Sam's Electronic Google My Business - The most skilled TV Technician in DFW is Uncle Sammi. He's closed his store in 2022 on Beltline after 30+ years of servicing LG and bigger hotels in the area but still stays busy with house calls and drop-off repairs.

      PC Repair - CSI Computer Center Google My Business - Emanuel in Plano has helped me twice. He was always honest and fair and foremost he is truly an expert when it comes to computers.

      Websites & Tech - Ecropolis - A really friendly team focused on the user experience. They are the mother to all the fermentation happening on Mushroom St.

      Websites & Tech - ThinkMents - Specialist Google Partner focused on Google My Business & SEO. They are outside of the main metro and a breath of fresh air to work with.

      Websites & Tech - Method828 - Specialist in demand generation. They are also focused on unpickling the pickled situation.


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