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AgraTronix 08180, Soil Compaction Tester Made in USA SCT

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Features a Durable Molded Housing and Rubber-Grip Handles Soil Compaction Meter measures the extent and depth of subsurface compaction. Durable 24"L Meter has a gauge with color-coded dial to indicate whether growing conditions are Good, Fair or Poor. Adjustable shock collar prevents gauge damage during transport and storage. Compaction measurements help optimize water retention, foster healthy root development and increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Includes two self-storing tips; a 3/4" tip for soft soil and a 1/2" tip for firm soil. Reads from 0 to 200 psi for good conditions; 200 to 300 psi for fair conditions; and 300+ psi for poor conditions.Durable Molded Housing and Rubber-Grip Handles
  • Durable Molded Housing and Rubber-Grip Handles