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Digital Hesitation: Why B2B Companies Aren't Reaching Their Full Digital Transformation Potential

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This digital transformation playbook provides details and guidance on the tactics required to build a profitable X-as-a-Service business model, including:Digital customer experienceData-driven salesCustomer success at scaleDigitally enabled partnersOutcome-aligned pricingIt’s the pragmatist's guide to managing a technology-centric B2B company through its next five years of development. Learn what a full digital transformation looks like for technology providers and what your company will need to do to enable digital transformation at scale.Discover the benefits of a complete digital transformation and how it will help unlock efficient growth and enable you to stay relevant and competitive in today’s technology market.Get immediate takeaways on how you can use data and create a digital customer experience to improve product, sales, and service delivery.If you want to boil down how the losers in the B2C wars of the last two decades got beat, it wasn't the product―it was the way they interacted with their customers. That's what digital transformation is supposed to be about.Most B2B companies, the old ones AND the new ones, are struggling to truly innovate their operating models. Leading companies in high-tech, industrial, medical device, and other B2B tech markets are hesitating to take the steps necessary to change how they build and deliver their solutions. They are carrying too much baggage―high labor costs, slow time to customer value, under-responsive sales and services―into a future that just won't stand for it. That's true even though the technologies are available to enable the changes NOW.Digital Hesitation is a technology business book that examines why most B2B companies are failing to reach the full potential of their digital transformation efforts. It also examines, in detail, the specific actions they need to take on the eight toughest challenges we see at the TSIA. This business book on digital transformation was written from the perspectives of a dozen experts who interact and advise the world's top technology companies every day. It covers high-level issues like influencing the board to fully commit to digital transformation, to specific topics like the next generation of sales and services operating models. Read more